Settings Page Help

This is where that controls other functions resides; Amazon controls, application options, database backup, and accounting.  The version of the app is listed at the top.  Lets take the sections one at a time: ONLY 

Amazon is different in how it handles uploads;  if you are using, you will know what each of these fields contain; make sure you get the right fields into the correct text boxes, then do a Test Connection on the Upload page.  If you have no errors, you are good to use it for uploading; if you have errors, you are going to have to contact Amazon for help in resolving the errors.

Application Options - has two (2) options:

  • Automatic SKU numbering - this only works when your SKU is purely numeric!  If you have any alphabetic or special characters (like a dash) it will be unable to generate the next higher SKU.  You can have a unique starting number by placing it in the box provided.
  • Use Amazon bindings and conditions - some users prefer the conciseness of using Amazon settings for bindings and conditions; most of the other venues accept them.  Note that they appear in popups which you can not modify.  If you don't check this, you use the standard settings.

Backup Database

At this time, you have to do the backup manually by tapping on the Backup button; a future enhancement will automatically do the backup for you, either daily (suggested) or weekly.  Everything is automatic; to restore the database to it's condition from the last backup, tap the Restore button.  Only one (1) backup is kept; each time you do another backup, it is an "image" of the database at that time; subsequent backups overlay the last one.

Automatically delete files older than 'x' days

Does exactly that for all files (other than the database) which are involved in either exporting or uploading.

Accounting section:

  • For Year - select the year you wish to see accounting figures for (because this is a new app, only 2014 is available)

  • Sales and Purchases - figures are quarterly, with a year-to-date total

  • Database Statistics - Self explanatory and are based on the entire contents of the database; Note that if you Delete any of the books you have sold, your statistics will NOT be accurate; for that reason, we suggest you do not delete any books that have been sold just so the database is "cleaner".  Wait until the next year, and unless you want to maintain last years books as a record, you can delete Sold books then.  In practice, we only delete books that are in the database in error, such as a SKU that points to a different book than it should (SKU's can not be changed and then updated, for they are the "key" into the database.

 Import a TAB-delimited File (UPDATED!)

There are 4 steps that will allow you to successfully import a tab-delimited file into this app.  Prior to starting the inport, you should validate the input file by opening it in a spreadsheet app, such as Excel, OpenOffice Calc, Google Sheets, etc.  If you have issues with the spreadsheet program reading your input file, it probably will not be successful in the Import function.  

In addition, it is strongly recommended that you do a BACKUP of the current state of your database, so you can recover it if something goes wrong (such as getting the "match" wrong).

  1.  Take the file you want to import and email it to yourself.  Now, from the iPad, open the eMail app and find the email you just sent.  If you don't know how to download and save an attachment from an email, this site will show you how.

  2.  Tap the Browse button, and a popup window will appear with all of the previous files you have downloaded to your iPad;  look for the file  that you just sent to yourself, and tap it.  The popup window will disappear, and the filename will appear in the text field automatically.

  3. Tap the Import File button and another popup window will appear that looks like this:

    On the left hand side, you will see all of the fields that are in the file you just selected; they are all numbered.  You have to take the numbers and match them to the respective boxes on the right hand side (i.e. the number of your price field, 7 in this example, goes into the Price box on the right).  

    When you have completed that, you MUST enter your initials in the yellow box at the bottom, to the left of the Continue button, which is disabled.  Once your initials are entered, the Continue button will be enabled and you can then tap it.

  4.  The import is done automatically; if you go to the Book List page (first page) you can see all of the books you just imported.  Once you get used to it, it's pretty easy.

  5.  if you have any problems or questions, notify us by using the Feedback form on the Setup page.


Syncing your iPad with other iPads

How it works

  •  When you make changes to a book, settings on the Upload page, they are sent to an account that you set up on iCloud.  From here, the app on the other devices (iPads) constantly monitor when changes have been made, and grab those changes and update your view that you are currently looking at.  For instance, if you make any changes to the Book Info page, those changes are sent to the common account at iCloud where they are stored; the same occurs for any changes that are made to the User IDs and Passwords on the Upload page.  Changes made in the Setup page are stored on your device; if you need them to be the same as the device considered the master, then you will have to match them manually.


  • IMPORTANT -->  Change the number of days to delete files to 90 days; this is to allow you enough time to see if you are going to stay with iCloud Sync'ing.
  • Make a backup of your data by using the Backup button on the Setup page before you change over to Sync'ing mode.  This is to if you have problems, or decide that this feature is not for you, you can restore the database to the date/time of the backup.  Unfortunately, all of the work that was sync'ed will be lost

Device Setup

  • First thing you want to do to enable Sync'ing is to go to Settings -> iCloud on each iPad that is going to participate in the syncing function, and click on iCloud.


  • Make sure you set iCloud Drive to 'ON' (probably on the next screen; they might be out of order because I was already signed on to iCloud)


  • From the next screen, you want to tap on the little arrow; ignore the picture and name that is smudged, it will appear once you have signed in.


  • Next, you will be asked to supply information; this MUST BE EXACTLY the same as the "master" iPad (one iPad must be considered the "master" which gives you all of the information you need to make each iPad's connection to iCloud identical).  Add any credit information that is asked next, and you're done!
  • You can now tap on the Unlock Sync'ing feature button; MAKE SURE it's green in color when finished!


  • If you are having any problems with either trying to figure out why the app is not sync'ing, use the Feedback (to the bottom left on the Setup page) to tell us exactly what is happening, giving examples if possible.  This  function has been thoroughly tested, so we probably have seen the issue you are reporting.   We will get back to you as soon as possible, either with a solution or need for more questions.  We need your help in making this a premier Book Inventory application.


  • Timing - it might take up to 2-3 minutes (this is not the norm) for your changes to show up in the other devices (iPads).  Have patience; Apple is in control of the iCloud and sometimes it takes a bit longer than normal for changes to show up.
  • You can monitor when the changes are made by going back and forth between the Book List page and Book Details for instance; you can also monitor the changes to the Upload page by doing the same thing: switching pages back and forth.  (We're working on making this automatic, but for now you have to do it manually).